1. {Album} Fractal Cosmogenesis

    "In physical cosmology, Fractal Cosmology is a set of minority cosmological theories which state that the distribution of matter in the Universe, or the structure of the universe itself, is a fractal across a wide range of scales (see also: multifractal system)."

  2. Pages of Pleroma - Patrick Wanek (Single)

    Listen/purchase: Pages of Pleroma by Patrick Wanek

    Just released my first single! You can support me as an unsigned local artist by following the above link and purchasing my track for just $1.00 on Bandcamp. ALL proceeds go directly to me, no royalties go to big corporations or aggregators.

    Thank you guys! You have my love and appreciation!

    (Psy-House 137BPM) Listen with HEADPHONES or decent speakers. I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about how to make music sound better through mastering and EQing properly, let me know if its better than the older version. Represent COLORADO! Hard-hitting psy track that you can dance to!

  3. I Am You (Feat. Shpongle, We Have To Become One Remix)

    My up-tempo remix of Shpongle’s amazing electro-love ballad “I Am You” with samples from Coming Soon’s amazing song “Become One”.

    The thumbnail artwork is “Perhaps They Are Soulmates” by the very talented artist Cameron Grey.

    Please find “I Am You” and “Become One” on iTunes or Beatport, and thank you very much for subscribing and leaving constructive comments on my tracks!

  4. Blank Slate: i bet you can monetize your concept of feeling before you can make...


    i bet you can monetize your concept of feeling before you can make yourself feel something real. i bet it comes more naturally. i bet the sky is only blue as long as you say it is. i bet your lips shine like two fleshy suns and taste of chili infused dark chocolate. i bet your breath smells like a…

  5. acephalously:

    New image of Andromeda

    (via adult-dirtbag)

  6. This is the North Pole view of the earth’s rotation. Notice the yin and yang. =D

  7. Twin Flame


    I feel the absence of something greater, something more beautiful than my own solitary existence.

    I want to hold each other again; remember old secrets from aeons past.

    I want to lay beside you on a summer day near a rushing Colorado river.

    I want to climb tall mountain; the spine of the world.

    I want to sit atop the apex of the world with you, laugh at memories, share treasures I found along the way.

    And what’s a journey if it ends? Not a very good journey I’d say.

    In death we’d part,

    Only to find each other on the other side of the veil

    Because we are twin flames, don’t you see?

    A thousands life cycles come and go, like dreams amidst the deepest sleep.

    And there you are, in every single one of my dreams.

    Each life is incomplete without your presence, even for the fleetest of moments.

    Because you’re mine.

    You don’t belong to me, it’s true…

    But you are a part of me.

    We are binary. We share an orbit.

    Bound by gravity, we are locked in an eternal waltz.

    From the conception of conceptions, to the end of ends, this is who I am.

  8. GET PART OF THE WORLD CHANGE MOVEMENT! See the new movie "Thrive" and pass it on if you don't like the way things are being run on this planet!!!

  9. Open Eyes, Open Hearts (Innocence ~ Avril Lavigne) -- Venusianfire - Venusianfire

    Oh, BTW, If anyone is interested in downloading my music, checking out my soundcloud page, or throwing down a few reviews for any of my music, this is the link to my page: http://soundcloud.com/venus0192

    You are highly encouraged to critically evaluate my music!! Thanks =D

    Remixed. Sorry this is soooo messy, not the finished version either. I’m releasing it anyways because who knows if I’ll have time to get around to cleaning up some of the noise issues.

    I really love this version so take the time to listen and critique. Yes, I said critique. Don’t worry I have feelings of steel.

    Enjoy =D

  10. Open Eyes, Open Hearts - Venusianfire

    Open Eyes, Open Hearts ~ Venusianfire